Blog Posts Current Category Fix

This is a demo of one of our underrated features that is absolutely crucial for any blog with Divi.

Default Divi – Not Working! Shows Posts From All Category Levels

Below is a demo of how Divi displays posts by default, without regard to the actual category level the post is assigned to. Notice it is incorrectly showing posts that are in lower subcategories. This is very poor, and if you have a blog, visitors are going to be very confused and frustrated as they try to browse posts by category.

Divi Taxonomy Helper – Fixed! Only Shows Posts From Current Category Level

This Blog module has the setting ENABLED– notice it is correctly showing posts that are only in the current category level.

To solve the problem demonstrated above, go to the Theme Builder template for All Categories and open the Blog module. When the Divi Taxonomy Helper plugin is active, a new setting will appear in the Content toggle of the Content tab called Only Show Posts In Current Category Level. Enable this setting, and the problem will be solved!